Come in, Please

Fluttering sails. Lapping waves. These are the sounds that surround Carina — the racing yacht on which I’ll be sailing this month from Newport to Bermuda. As the least-experienced member of Carina’s 12-person crew, I expect to spend many unpleasant hours tucked away in the galley or in the head.

That’s why I expect the microTalk handheld radio, from Cobra Electronics, to come in handy. Ultra-lightweight two-way radios with a two-mile range, Cobra MicroTalk units let a helmsman and a bowman trade coordinates without leaving their posts — on a private communication channel not available to competing crews.

The microTalk Weather model allows landlocked users to get local weather reports — a valuable feature for hikers, skiers, and others who are susceptible to changing conditions.

A single Cobra microTalk Weather unit sells online for about $120. Visit Cobra Electronics Corp. on the Web (