Director of Emerging Thought

Job Titles of the Future


Who: Tatyana Mamut
Company: Frequency Marketing Inc.
Age: 25
Has Held Job For: 9 months
Previous Title: Creative-business strategist


Why do people buy what they buy? Why do they remain loyal to one product for years — and then switch to another one overnight? Those are two of the questions that fascinate Tatyana Mamut. Her job at Frequency Marketing, a firm that specializes in loyalty-marketing programs, is to help her colleagues understand consumer trends.

What are some emerging trends in your business?

Relationships keep changing — and I don’t mean only professional relationships. I’m talking about relationships between spouses, between parents and children; they’re all in flux. And that has quite an impact on the way that loyalty is created and sustained.

Do you think that people are less loyal than they used to be?

That’s the big question. Personally, I think that today’s marketing and promotions tactics, along with the changing face of the workforce, tend to provoke disloyalty. People do, however, innately need to trust something.


How do you learn about emerging trends?

By spending time with different people in different kinds of places — hanging out at train stations or talking with people at shopping malls, for instance. Also, I use powerful database tools and other resources that are at my disposal to do research online.