Baggage Claim Will Never Be the Same

Four devices that will prevent your luggage from falling into the wrong hands.

For business travelers, booking a trip is a routine affair — the same cities, the same flights, week in and week out. But lose your suitcase or your laptop, and a routine trip turns into the journey from hell. Here are four devices that will prevent your luggage from falling into the wrong hands. It might not be James Bond exactly, but, hey, you’re not Sean Connery either.

Product Security System All Locked Up Jailbreak
Baggage Guard On the Go Publishing, Baggage Guard is a onetime breakable seal that you attach to your suitcase’s zipper. The concept is simple: A broken seal means a burgled bag. At $8.95 for a pack of 10, Baggage Guards are cheap and easy to use. Even better, their bright colors help you identify your bags from among a zillion identical suitcases on the luggage carousel. So a busted seal tells you that your tote has been tampered with — big deal. How much of a deterrent is a small plastic device to a determined thief?
Luggage & Personal Alarm Y&S Technology Co. Ltd., Perfect for “Mission: Impossible” wanna-bes, this touch-sensitive antitheft device looks like a luggage tag. The alarm will go off if someone tries to snag your bag without first entering the secret combination. The 130-decibel $7 alarm is loud and should scare away thieves. And it can be attached to purses, laptops, carry-ons, and suitcases. If you forget your code, well, tough. You’ll have a screaming bag, and people will think that you’re a thief.
Kensington SaddleBag Kensington Technology Group, Billed as “the computer carrying case that doesn’t look like one,” the Kensington SaddleBag is a clever way to foil a thief. This bag has heavy-duty webbing and sturdy zippers that will prevent thieves from slicing it open. The $69.99 bag comes in tasteful two-tone designs. In order to disguise a laptop, the bags are extra big, which makes them both bulky and heavy — not a good combination for tired road warriors.
TrackIT TrackIT Corp., Tuned to a key-chain transmitter, TrackIT’s miniature receiver, which you stash in your bag, will go off if someone “accidentally” picks up your bag and walks out of range. At $49.95, TrackIT weighs under 6 ounces and allows you to monitor your bag from up to 40 feet away. It also offers a panic button and a 100-plus-decibel siren. Because TrackIT operates on radio waves, the system can be affected by low power and poor antenna positioning. The device may not work properly if you’re in a crowded area or around a lot of metal.