Digital Yenta

Job Titles of the Future


Who: Christine Harmel
Company: The Interactive Resource
Age: 32
Has Held Title For: 2 years
Previous Title: Director of client services at US Web Los Angeles


Merriam-Webster’s dictionary says that the word “yenta” is Yiddish for “one that meddles.” As founder of the Interactive Resource, Christine Harmel meddles in the professional lives of her client companies in order to match them up with the right Web developers.

How do you meddle on the Web?

Clients tell me about their teams, how much money and time they have, and what they want to do. Then I comb through my database of more than 300 Web shops and figure out which one would make a good match.

How is digital matchmaking similar to the romantic variety?

It’s always a good idea for each party to get the “scoop” on the other. I vouch for clients, as well as for developers and for the quality of their work.


On whose behalf do you meddle?

The tide has turned. Two years ago, developers were eager for business. Now they have way too much work. So, when I call a developer, I usually say, “I know that you’re swamped, but I have the perfect client for you.”