Don’t Mess With Success

Who: Betsy Drucker, 33, program manager, Sapient

Mistake: “Getting caught up in superficial definitions of success.”

Payoff: “Learning to appreciate the right job and finding something that I’m passionate about.”

“I’ve been in the dotcom world for four years now, and it’s getting harder to avoid the allure of a ‘Silicon Valley jackpot.’ You can get whiplash from looking at this job offer, from wondering about that title, from trying to get those perks.”

“A few months ago, I got frustrated with my job. I became preoccupied with superficial stuff.”

“Then I had a moment of clarity. I was honest with myself about wanting to stay. I still have lots to achieve here, so why mope? For example, Sapient has a great feedback program: Twice a year, we get feedback that’s not related to compensation — which is an excellent way to assess your skills.”

“I’m in a position to help take Sapient to a new level. I’m a manager for an internal program that we call ICE (Innovate, Create, and Educate). The potential for increasing our internal learning opportunities is great, and I’m right in the middle of helping develop that potential further.”

“In an economy where you have so many options, you really have to understand what you want in a job — and you have to be willing to stay for awhile once you find it. If you don’t, you’re going to be constantly looking for something new — and maybe searching for what you already have.”FCS