Adopt Early, Adapt Early

Who: Bonnie Lowell, president and CEO, Younology Inc.


Sign of the Times: “I spend two to three hours a day on my mobile phone, even when I’m in Manhattan.”

Bonnie Lowell works on the cutting edge. She has developed applications ranging from new fingerprint technology for the FBI to Younology Inc.’s personalization software (driven by artificial intelligence) for e-businesses.

She also lives on the cutting edge. Her guiding principle: It’s hard to know in advance which gadgets are going to make a real difference. The sooner you adopt something new, the faster you learn if it helps you adapt to change. Lowell, 41, loves to try new gadgets — from serious ones (she bought her first PalmPilot nearly three years ago) to silly ones, like Sony’s robotic dog, Aibo.

Exposure to what’s new prompts a steady flow of fresh ideas, she says. She records those ideas with yet another gadget: “I use a small, pocket-size recorder to capture my thoughts on tape, which I then transcribe into a journal each day before I leave the office. I’m already working on my fifth notebook this year.”FCS