Nerds Need Apply

The scoop on five nerd sites.

Java programmers, Web designers, and other technical professionals are in such demand that an enormous number of Web sites have sprung up to meet their need for jobs, projects, and information. Here’s our comparison of five sites where nerds can flex their muscles.

Site Source Code Killer App Reboot
A variety of career-oriented content, including lists of job opportunities organized by region and skill set. The skill-set area, which identifies companies with openings that require your skills. It also lists average salaries by skill and by region. Your resume is fair game once you post it (although there is a tool that allows you to block certain employers from seeing it).
A business portal for IT professionals. You can access a wealth of reference materials, a job board, and a vast array of technical-discussion forums. IT Knowledge, an online library with the full text of hundreds of technical books. Sometimes you can even access books that are not yet in print. You get what you pay for. The cost of a subscription is $195 per year or $19.95 per month.
News, product reviews, and career information for IT professionals. The site also offers training, technical-discussion boards, and expert advice. Access to a huge database of vendor white papers and research reports from top industry analysts. Too much registering. Want to check out a Webcast? Register first. Want to receive email that alerts you to new research? Register again.
A matchmaking site that helps pair independent IT contractors with suitable freelance projects. The work journal, a tool that helps you track your hours, log your progress, record your action items, and report problems to your project manager. The site’s resource center isn’t much of a resource. Although it covers benefits, shopping, and lifestyle topics, it’s really just a directory of links.
Links to everything from travel and weather reports to journals aimed at IT professionals. Think Yahoo! for business and technology. Comprehensiveness. If @brint doesn’t have it, then you probably don’t need it. Given all of the information on this site, you may spend more time reading about what you should do than actually doing it.