My Favorite Bookmarks – Karen Lake

Who: Founder and CEO of
Surfing Manifesto: I always hunt for sites that provide rich, compelling online content for the growing small-business audiences.


Here, you’ll find links to every kind of product that a small business needs — which is great for new entrepreneurs, who can’t afford to forget about any part of their startup.

Business Week Online’s Frontier

Entrepreneurs never have enough options. This site takes a softer approach to small-business news, and it has lots of good links. Its “Smart Answers” section always provides sound advice about running a company.


One of the first online newsletters that I subscribed to. This site gives you a glimpse of what’s happening on the Internet and of trends that you should know about in order to plan for the future. It’s just plain helpful!

The Entrepreneur Network

Packed with advice and ideas aimed at entrepreneurs, this is a great portal for small-business owners.

This site has ideas, features, and tools. I think of it as Consumer Reports for small-business services on the Net.