Firemen and Strategists

Who: Jennifer Tejada Gosser, VP, global marketing communications, i2 Technologies
Sign of the Times: “My company is based in Dallas, but I live in LA. I spend an average of four days a month at home.”

Speaking from a plane between Dallas and San Francisco — a route that she travels frequently for i2 Technologies, a fast-growing, business-to-business solution provider — Jennifer Tejada Gosser, 29, offers her secret for operating in Internet time: fast delegation. “If I try to control everything, I become a gatekeeper,” she says. “I need to focus on long-term strategy, not on short-term tasks.”

“I’ve identified people who act as my ‘firemen’ or as my ‘strategists.’ My firemen make sure that someone handles every action item that comes out of every meeting. My strategists make sure that every project that we take on meets the company’s objectives, helps its bottom line, and delivers a good return on investment. That way, nobody wastes time on projects that don’t make sense.”

“Also, because I delegate so much, I make sure that we send out congratulatory messages to people who get the job done. That kind of thing doesn’t happen often enough at Internet companies.”