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Fast Factoids

A few fast facts.

  • At 24,791 MPH the crew of the command module Apollo10 reached the greatest speed ever traveled by humans.
  • At 154.17 MPH, Harry Egger holds the title as the world's fastest speed skier. On the same day, in May 1999, Daren Powell clocked in at 125.463 MPH on his snowboard.
  • In October 1997, Thrust SSC, the first car to exceed the speed of sound, reached 763.035 MPH, the fastest one-mile land speed on record.
  • In October1998, Rock Griffith covered 440 yards in 16.058 seconds in a1964 Pontiac hearse, setting a world record for the fastest hearse driver.
  • The fastest ad ever produced was created, filmed, and aired during Super Bowl XXVII at the Georgia Dome, in Atlanta, on January 31, 1993. Filming wrapped at the beginning of the fourth quarter, editing (which took place simultaneously) began in the middle of the third quarter, and the 30-second ad aired during the break that came at the game's 2-minute warning.
  • Although its normal cruising speed is Mach 2.2, the Tupolev has reached Mach 2.4 (1,600 MPH) and reigns as the world's fastest airliner.
  • In August 1999, McDonald's Corp. opened its 25,000th store. That works out to an average rate of 1.55 stores per day for the past 44 years. By the end of 1999, McDonald's had increased that rate to nearly 5 new stores per day.
  • New York's Empire State Building — one of the fastest-built skyscrapers ever — was also the world's tallest structure at the time of completion. It grew from blueprint to 1,252 feet in just 14 months. Its framework rose at a rate of four and a half stories per week.
  • On Global Crossing's first day of trading, only 17 months after the company's formation, the value of investor Gary Winnick's stock rose to $1.2 billion, making Winnick (in the estimation of many business magazines) the fastest-made billionaire ever.

A version of this article appeared in the May 2000 issue of Fast Company magazine.