• 03.31.00

Small Player, Big Sound

MD players offer superior sound and mobility.

Have you ever tried “the next big thing” — and found that it was even better than advertised? That’s been my experience with MiniDiscs. About 18 months ago, after 20 years of taping music, I finally went digital. And I haven’t looked back since.


What’s so great about MiniDiscs? For one thing, they provide great digital sound. For another, they offer better mobility. The compact size of an MD player makes it an ideal medium for listening to music on the train (which I take to work). But my favorite feature is its superior editing capability. In an instant, you can change the order of songs, or delete a song altogether.

My portable player of choice is the Sony MZ-E90 MDWalkman ($399). For a home system, I recommend the Sony MDS-JE630 ($249.95). The Web is a great source for finding MD players, blank discs (which cost about $3 each), and other accessories. My favorite site: (