Name: Rory Holland


Company: Russell & DuMoulin

Age: 39

Has held title for: 2 years

Previous title: Cochairman of InterTrans Logistics Solutions Ltd.

Degree: BA in Recreation Administration, University of British Columbia

What kind of people work at the law firm of Russell & DuMoulin? Lawyers, of course — plus Rory Holland, who is Not-a-Lawyer. (It says so on his business card.) Previously, Holland spent four years at a nonprofit, and then started (and sold) his own software company. Now he helps the clients of this 110-year-old Vancouver-based firm to figure out what role lawyers should play in their companies.

How are you different from the 133 lawyers whom you work with?

I don’t dress like a lawyer, talk like a lawyer, or keep lawyers’ hours.

What did you want to be growing up?

I wanted to be a lawyer! I believed in truth and justice, but I also figured that I could get rich that way.

How do people react to your card?

They say, great, now I know what you’re not! The businesspeople I work with appreciate knowing that I’ve been in their shoes. They see that they’re talking to a like-minded person.