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My Favorite Bookmarks - Nancy Regent

Picks from the managing editor of Hoover's Online.

Who: Managing editor of Hoover's Online
Surfing Manifesto: I want concise, reputable, well-written content that's also rewarding, fun, and worthwhile.

ClickZ Today

A great source for keeping current on the e-commerce world; it provides an overall picture of the industry.

The Daily

This site tracks high-stakes deals in the world of finance.


This online magazine offers a broad perspective on media, technology, and contemporary culture.

Media Central

Here, I can find incisive and in-depth features and commentary on subjects that are relevant to me.

Newspaper Association of America

I'm a newspaper junkie, and the "Hotlinks" section of this site will link you to more newspapers than you can read in a day.

107.1 KGSR

One of the best radio stations from the live-music capital of the world — Austin, Texas. Format schmormat!

Robot Wisdom

One of the best Web logs on the Net. This one specializes in literature and pop culture.

A version of this article appeared in the May 2000 issue of Fast Company magazine.