Cultural Czar

Who: Joe Davila



Age: 26

Has Held Title For: 6 months

Previous Title: VP of Finance

Degree: BA, Stanford University

Joe Davila puts heart in, a Menlo Park, California-based company that provides its 3 million users with tools for building Web sites. Davila is responsible for creating a family atmosphere at Homestead — and for organizing its efforts to give back to its community.

What kind of culture are you creating?

One that values hard work while also recognizing the need for balance. One aspect of balance is service, so my challenge is to find service projects that each employee will be willing to work on for at least two hours a week.

As your company grows, how do you plan to maintain that culture?

People tend to support a culture that they help create, so we have regular meetings to keep everyone excited. Also, managers make it easy for their staff to volunteer, and that helps a lot.

How do you spread your culture?

By working on joint programs with young companies. We also want to help fund service programs — because even a startup can make a big contribution.