Chief Imagination Officer

Who: Greg Baldwin


Company: ImpactOnline’s VolunteerMatch

Age: 31

Has Held Title For: 21 months

Previous Title: Cofounder of 2d Interactive Inc.

Degree: AB in public policy, Brown University

Imagine having enough time to do your work — and to volunteer for a good cause. Greg Baldwin wants to help make that possible. He is responsible for ImpactOnline’s VolunteerMatch Web site (, which pairs enthusiastic people with such leading nonprofits as the Boys & Girls Club, the California AIDS Ride, and the United Way.

Help us imagine what you do.

I use new technology tools to solve an old problem: how to get people involved. Our goal is to connect people to their community.

What kind of future do you imagine?

I imagine a world where making time to volunteer is easy and worthwhile organizations have more supporters than they need.

How do you stay imaginative?

I try to keep up with technology and with people. That means talking with those who have used our service and reading the network administrator’s guide to Linux.