My Favorite Bookmarks – Terri Lonier

Who: CEO of Working Solo Inc.




Surfing Manifesto: Whether I’m on a 56K dial-up service in my Hudson Valley office or a 24-7 DSL in my San Francisco office, I scour the Net for information and inspiration to help spread the word about today’s free-agent workforce.

Flash Commerce

A daily dose of news and discussion on e-commerce and small business.


SCORE is a nonprofit partner of the Small Business Administration. Its site is the first one that I suggest to folks who are looking for free, one-on-one online business counseling.

“Let thousands of Web sites bloom” could be the motto for this startup that lets SOHO (small office-home office) companies create and run their Web businesses for free. I’m the small-business advocate for this site, and I’m continually energized by the creativity of its entrepreneurial site builders.


Dave Pell’s daily hit of quick blurbs about Web-related news is as close to a digital rush as you can get in these Net-paced times.


Run by Bob Drudge (father of Matt), this is one of the most comprehensive reference sites on the Web. If you don’t find a link to it here, you don’t need it.