• 03.31.00

If the Shoes Fit

Not just for gardening anymore …

Clogs are back in a big way. Nurses wear them for comfort during long shifts. Programmers wear them to keep a bounce in their step during all-nighters. And, of course, backyard gardeners wear them so that they can get their hands dirty without getting their shoes dirty. Although they are essentially gardening clogs, Anywear Shoes can provide comfort in many walks of life. Designed to ease the pain of walking or standing in place for long periods of time, these slip-on shoes have other benefits: They come with a removable foot bed, and they’re biodegradable.


Meanwhile, if you actually wear your clogs in the garden, rather than in the office, you may also want to try de Van Koek’s Hawk Claw. Just 9.5 inches long, this gardening tool allows you to work in the smallest of flower beds. One word of advice: Unlike the clogs, the Claw should be left at home when you go to work — even if you’re tempted to use it on a colleague!

Anywear Shoes cost $44.95 a pair; the Hawk Claw sells for $11.95. You can buy both items on the Web (