• 12.31.99

What Comes Next?

A letter from the founding editors.

Here at Fast Company, we’ve always maintained that we’re not just chronicling the challenges of the new economy — we’re also living them. Rapid growth, organizational acceleration. We do that here. Intense competition, rising customer expectations. We do that too. Thinking forward, raising the performance bar. More than ever, that is the order of the day — for business in general and for Fast Company in particular.


After four years, Fast Company has achieved a remarkable level of accomplishment: awards for Launch of the Year, Startup of the Year, and Magazine of the Year, along with a National Magazine Award for general excellence. In the past few months, we introduced Net Company, an all-things-digital supplement to Fast Company; we launched a 14-city tour of our readers’ network, the Company of Friends; and we hosted another RealTime event, in which 500 members of the Fast Company community came to San Diego for an inspirational, instructional gathering.

The question now: What comes next? Our answer: community, connections, conversation. We plan to carry the Fast Company movement inside companies that want to provoke new thinking. We also plan to make the connections between our offerings clearer and more useful, incorporating our content into an authoritative learning center. Finally, we plan to strengthen the conversations that we have with you, the members of the Fast Company community — conversations about ways in which we can do a better job of answering your questions and serving your needs. After all, no matter what else happens in the year ahead, we know that we will be not only writing about life in the new economy but also experiencing it ourselves.