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Time for a Close-up

Meet the “world’s smallest” video camera.

Computers keep on getting smaller, so it’s no surprise that the gadgets we use with them keep shrinking as well. A case in point is the new Picolo color video camera, from Pixera. Billed as the “world’s smallest” such camera (it’s about the size of a room key), the Picolo allows you to record video-email files, or to participate in videoconferences without feeling as if you’re in a TV studio. But just because the Picolo weighs so little — less than one-third of an ounce — doesn’t mean its technology is lightweight. Pixera claims that its unit offers better picture quality than most products in its category. Plus, you can hook up the Picolo to your PC, TV, or VCR.

The Picolo costs $149. Visit Pixera on the Web (www.pixera.com).


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