My Favorite Bookmarks – Phil Terry

Phil Terry


Who: CEO, Creative Good Inc.



Surfing Manifesto: I’m an intense, goal-oriented surfer, so I try to use sites designed with the customer in mind. Most of the time, though, I’m forced to use sites designed with the designers in mind. The truly good sites are those that make it simple to get things done — quickly and easily.

When I order videos from this site, they’re sent to my house in less than an hour. also has DVDs, magazines, and video games. This service works amazingly well.

Robert Seidman’s Online Insider

This newsletter delivers on its promise to provide thoughtful commentary on the online environment. The writing is superb — simple and clear. These articles have become a must-read for me.

Nua Internet Surveys

Nua understands what its readers want: information about Net business. No graphics, no hype, just a roundup of the latest research.

Visto Corp.

Because of the startup culture at my company, I need a way to make my schedule available to everyone on the team, and more important, team members need a way to change it. This software, which works on Macs and PCs, allows both processes to take place and makes my life a lot easier.