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Film Festival

View your favorite flicks on a virtual big screen.

How many times can you watch the film "Waking Ned Devine?" If you're a frequent flier, the answer is "as many times as you can stand it." If you want more viewing options than airlines typically provide, try out this potential blockbuster — the Televizer portable DVD theater, from i-O Display Systems. Combining a Panasonic DVD player with an "i-glasses" headset, the Televizer lets you view your favorite flicks on a virtual big screen. When you put on the system's eight-ounce eyeglasses, an 80-inch screen "floats" 11 feet in front of you. If you clip on the Televizer's opaque visor, you can enjoy the film of your choice in total privacy. The device, which comes in a laptop-sized carrying case, includes a rechargeable battery that will give you three and a half hours of power per charge.

The Televizer sells for $1,495. To learn more, visit i-O Display Systems LLC on the Web (

A version of this article appeared in the November 1999 issue of Fast Company magazine.