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My Favorite Bookmarks – Skip Rudolf

Picks from the director of the Alibris Web store.

Who: Director of the Alibris Web store, an online merchant offering used, rare, and hard-to-find books

Email: skipr@alibris.com

URL: www.alibris.com

Surfing Manifesto: I surf in order to learn about, listen to, and interact with every corner of the world.



Stay in the loop — and in all the best places. Essential lodging, food, and entertainment information for the urban globe-trotter.

krs’ radioworld


Your good guide to a planet that keeps getting smaller. Listen to music that’s hot in Berlin, get the latest-breaking news from Malawi, and tune in to thousands of radio stations worldwide. Shortwave radio was never this good!



Turn a humdrum English love letter into a knee-melting lettre d’amour. Who needs Cyrano?

The World Factbook


Leave it to the CIA’s “men in black” to serve up the Web’s definitive international almanac.



You deserve a break today. The rise of free multiplayer gaming is one of the Internet’s best-kept secrets, and Mplayer.com has become something of a mecca for casual and hard-core gamers alike.