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Easy to Handle

Get a grip — on your luggage.

There haven’t been many big ideas in luggage since the invention of the now-ubiquitous rolling suitcase. But Andiamo, a maker of fine luggage, has introduced a small innovation that’s a big help. Its four-sided ErgoGrip handle rotates in a way that lets you tote your luggage from any angle that you find comfortable: You can pull it palm-down or push it from behind. The handle’s telescoping tubes extend to 48 inches in length — so you can move fast without suffering a backache.

The ErgoGrip is featured on selected Andiamo carry-on bags, as well as on its executive computer case. One of the carry-on models, called the Valoroso J19S, sells for $425. Visit Andiamo Inc. on the Web (www.andiamoinc.com).