My Favorite Bookmarks – Margaret Heffernan

Who: COO of Corp.; founder and CEO of Corp.




Surfing Manifesto: Always look for passion. Look for daring. The aesthetic of the Web is raw rather than cooked.

The Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook

One of the funniest sites on the Web — it made me laugh out loud. I visit it whenever life seems to take itself too seriously.

Ain’t It Cool News

One of the coolest movie sites ever! It’s galvanized movie lovers to create true grassroots reviewing. And it’s got all of the honesty, the rawness, and the passion that make the Web great.


Old loves die hard, and the BBC is still one of the world’s great seducers of talent. This complex site features tremendous comedy and a gorgeous screen saver. It’s also a small miracle of engineering.

Mark’s Apology Note Generator

A great little toy that eases your guilt over things you ought to have done — or ought not to have done.

AltaVista: Search

The best way to introduce yourself to the multimedia Web. The search on this site shows audio-file formats, plus thumbnails of stills and video.