• 12.31.99

Smart Cards

These cards offer bold colors, interesting fonts, and cool symbols.

The design of business is changing. But there’s one artifact of business life that seems immune to change: the business card. Gail Deibler Finke, 35, author of “Fresh Ideas in Letterhead and Business Card Design 4” (North Light Books, 1999), has been urging businesspeople to create smarter cards. “People collect cards everywhere they go,” she says. “The problem is, most of them never look at those cards again.”


Fast Company found business cards that offer bold colors, interesting fonts, and cool symbols — cards that are designed to get attention in an economy in which attention is perhaps the only scarce resource. Some words of warning: If the design of your card obscures the information on it, then it’s a failure. And don’t give the impression that you spent a ton of money on your card (even if you did). Says Finke: “People want to know that they can afford to do business with you.”

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