• 10.31.99

Two Ways to Two-Way

The latest communication tool of choice for on-the-go businesspeople.

First it was a cell-phone. Then it was a PalmPilot. Now the power tool of choice for on-the-go businesspeople is a two-way radio — an updated version of the walkie-talkies that kids use. The Motorola Spirit GT weighs less than seven ounces and operates on frequencies that are reserved exclusively for business use. With the click of a button, you can make your voice heard up to four miles away.


If you work in a city, check out the Cobra MicroTalk 3: It operates on UHF frequencies, it has a two-mile range, and it features a vibrating call-alert option that will get your attention without interrupting your meetings.

A pair of Spirit GTs sells for $378, and two MicroTalk 3s cost $219.90. Visit Motorola ( and Cobra Electronics Corp. ( on the Web.