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Heidi Swanson


Who: Founder and chief chick of



Surfing Manifesto: You know that saying, “You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note”? Well, I’m looking for the off keys.

Deal With It

Boobs, bodies, best friends, nutrition, sex, drugs: Being a teenage girl is tough these days. This site features current resources and frank, direct information about teen issues.


This place is my digital toy box. It’s got funky background images, wacky CD-ROMs, and plenty of sound files. I swing through this site every morning and snag a new illustration to enliven my desktop and to help me take things a little less seriously.

Bolt Media Inc.

This site is a popular place for both high-school and college kids worldwide. Bolt Media does an amazing job of providing that community with lots of relevant content. I especially love how it challenges traditional editorial concepts and integrates community with editorial in a way that pushes the limits.

Old Houses

I have to deal with the Silicon Valley housing market, where a dollar goes about as far as a dime does in most other places. This site shows off some amazing old houses — at reasonable prices — that drip with character.