Chief Lizard Wrangler

Who: Mitchell Baker


Company: The Mozilla Organization

Age: 42

Has Held Title For: 10 months

Previous Title: Associate general counsel, Netscape Communications

In 1999, when Netscape released the code for its Communicator software, it recommitted to the open-source development that had defined the Internet’s early years. It also created to be a focal point for world-wide efforts to improve its software. Mitchell Baker directs

How does being a wrangler differ from being a manager?

People voluntarily contribute code to this project. Many of those people have no organizational relationship to me. So I can’t tell them what to do.

What does your title convey?

To people familiar with, it says that I’m a central access point. For those unfamiliar with us, it conveys a sense that something different is going on here.

Do you have a pet lizard?

Plastic ones, but no live ones.

If you did have a pet lizard, what would you name it?

Something “-zilla.” I have a plastic one from New Zealand named “Newzilla.” If I had a live one, I’d probably call it “Boyzilla” — after my one-year-old son, whom I call “the boy.”