• 09.30.99

Project Yourself!

With Compaq’s microportable projector, your presentation will wow audiences.

In today’s overstimulated, Hyper-caffeinated world, human attention is a scarce commodity. Which means that people with a message to communicate need all the help they can get. That’s why computer-generated presentations are so popular. But what if you arrive at a meeting with a laptop full of killer slides – only to find that your host doesn’t have a projector for you?


That’s no longer a problem. Compaq’s 4.2-pound MP1600 Microportable Projector is not just easy to tote – it’s also a cinch to use. Plug the device into your PC, and the show begins. The projector automatically adjusts the image size and settings to ensure that what you see on your monitor is what the audience sees. Once the projector is synchronized with your PC, onscreen guides allow for easy navigation. The device comes with a carrying case that houses an adjustable stand, so you can unzip the case, plug in the projector, and actually start your presentation in a matter of seconds.

The MP1600 Microportable Projector sells for $4,499. Call Compaq (800-345-1518) or visit the Web (