My Favorite Bookmarks – Bill Greer

Who: Founder and vice president of content and community for GORP — Great Outdoor Recreation Pages



Surfing Manifesto: Give me what I need — and fast. After all, I’d rather be hiking a trail or floating on a river.

Conservation International: Global Ecosystem Conservation

Information on responsible ecotourism in some far-out places.

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Check out the “Zoom” feature, which takes you up close and personal with the old masters.

Cool Works


Outdoor jobs (70,000 of them) — brought to you by a Webmaster who lives in the heart of Yellowstone.

The place to go for up-to-the-minute Internet-business news.

Mandelbrot pictures

Fractal images for when you feel like tripping the light fantastic.


A virtual bicycle journey through the Mediterranean region.


For times when I need to be reminded that I’ve crossed over to the other side of the generation gap.FCS