Ruler of the Free World

Who: Tim Choate



Age: 34

Has Held Title For: 4 years

Degree: BS in economics, the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

The best things in life really are free., a Web clearinghouse for promotions, trial offers, and other freebies, has completed more than 8 million transactions in its four-year history. By providing consumers with free samples of products that they are interested in buying, Tim Choate’s site gives companies a new way to market. This idea rules!

What kind of king are you?

I’m a benevolent ruler. For example, one of the “kingdoms” that I oversee is the FreeShop team. It’s my job to make sure that employees are having fun while balancing their personal and professional lives. They can bring their pets to work. And they can participate in opportunities like job shares.

What exactly is “the free world”?

It’s the broadest, deepest environment for free offers aimed at consumers. We put consumers in control by letting them raise their hand whenever a product or service interests them.

What does the Ruler of the Free World wear to work?

The Internet is a casual-attire kingdom. I leave my robe and crown at home.