The Voice

Who: Alicia Dougherty



Age: 27

Has Held Title For:10 months

Previous Title: Web producer/editor

Degree: BA, Vassar College

There’s an awful lot of noise on the Web. If you want your audience to hear you above all that racket, you need a strong, clear voice. Alicia Dougherty provides that voice for (formerly known as the Springfield Project). She’s in charge of content at this young Web outfit, which helps small businesses become e-businesses.

What does Bigstep’s voice sound like?

Every word on our site should help to create a positive user experience. We have lots of engineers and designers on staff – the people who make Bigstep what it is. My job is to explain, in plain English, what our site can do.

How does your voice get heard?

What’s great about working at Bigstep is that it’s really not a struggle to be heard. We all have a say in the decisions that get made. Everyone here works in the same office space as the CEO: I can just walk over and give him an idea. We all have a voice.

Do you ever give the voice a rest?

The ear is just as important as the voice. I need to be able to listen to our target audience. Communication on the Web is a two-way process.