My Favorite Bookmarks – Gretchen Glasscock

Who: CEO and Web publisher, Advancing Women




Surfing Manifesto: “Each morning, I charge out on a Web expedition. I look for women who are role models, and I search for political and business news about women.”

Arts and Letters Daily

This dense, fascinating potpourri of ideas, criticism, trends, breakthroughs, disputes, and gossip is filtered from major dailies, wire services, media networks, and small journals.

LatinoLink News

In 9 of the 10 largest U.S. cities, so-called minorities are already in the majority. I surf here daily to keep ahead of the power curve.

Women’s Stories

An invigorating site, with fascinating thumbnail sketches, anecdotes, and provocative quotations from famous and infamous women.

Women in the Arts Magazine

I’m astonished by the beauty of the graphics on this site — and also by the powerful stories behind the art.


Portal de noticias e información en español. Noticias de Latino América y el mundo

This site (available only in Spanish or Portuguese) is a good way to get to know other cultures, especially as the Web moves from being an English-only medium to a multilingual phenomenon.