Road Rules – Rule 12

Who: David Swink (, president, Strategic Interactions Inc.

Home Base: Vienna, Virginia

Mileage: 100,000 miles a year

Favorite Destination: Sydney, Australia

Don’t leave home without: Valerian root and melatonin (for jet lag)

“In my work – leading behavioral simulations of hostage negotiations, suicide interventions, and sexual harassment — travel can be like a surgical strike. You go in, do your job, and get out. But if you travel a lot, that routine can lead to burnout city. That’s why, during business trips, my team and I always try to take time off to visit places that we would not otherwise see. It’s a great way to have fun, recharge, and build team spirit.”

“On one trip, a new colleague and I were traveling to Australia. To ease jet lag, we stopped over in Hawaii. After making hotel reservations, we rented a car and started driving. On the way, we stopped to hike a trail that ended at a waterfall. On the trail, we saw warning signs about flash floods. Just as it started getting dark, and just as we reached the waterfall, rain began pouring. Remembering those warning signs, we took off down the trail, slipping, sliding, and falling the three miles back to the car.”

“We showed up at the Turtle Bay Hilton covered in mud, only to discover that some of the papaya that had been in our backpacks had split open, staining our clothes and passports red. Every time I use my passport, I’m reminded of that run. We’ll never forget that hike, and we’ve got a stronger sense of trust and connection between us.”FCS