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Radical Radio

Radio has a new look for the nineties.

Maybe you're not equipped to listen to audio over the Web. Or maybe you left your Diamond Rio PMP300 player back at the office. Even so, you can still listen to music — by using a good old-fashioned radio! But who says your radio has to look old-fashioned? The Tykho Radio, from Lexon, is a self-contained AM-FM radio made from molded rubber. All of the radio's buttons are molded into its rubber casing, and the 2.25-inch antenna acts as a tuning knob. The work of French designer Marc Berthier, the Tykho is stylish and fun, and it won't take up much room on your desk or in your bag.

The Tykho costs $65. For more information or to order, call Mxyplyzyk, in New York City (212-989-4300).

A version of this article appeared in the JulyAugust 1999 issue of Fast Company magazine.