The Big Issue(s)

A letter from the founding editors.

Size does matter. Bigger can be better, if “bigger” means more opportunities to provide more ideas about more issues. In other words, a really big issue can give you the chance to cover the really big issues.


Which is what we are doing with “The Big Issues,” our mega-production for October 1999. We’ve produced the ultimate “back to work” study guide for the fall. And we’ve used the size of “The Big Issues” issue to cover the entire lineup of topics that we all face as we navigate the new economy.

Take innovation — the heart and soul of strategy in business today. This issue offers a wealth of great ideas on how you can find the great ideas in your organization: “The Creative Odyssey,” which opens Report From the Future, introduces you to an in-the-streets approach to changing the way you think. “Live! From Your Office! It’s . . .” explains how to help your company generate ideas as if it were a talk show.

Or consider leadership. You can learn from Robert Swan, the first person to walk to both the North and South Poles. You can study with Lorraine Monroe, a remarkable change agent from the world of education. Or you can join students from Duke University as they study leadership in the theaters of Broadway.

Then there’s work. In “The King of Kreme,” you can see how the people inside Krispy Kreme work together to make sweet products that have a cult following. The inspirational side of work is on display in “Engines of Democracy,” a look at a GE factory where everyone is in charge.

Next up, finance. Are you still struggling to read a balance sheet? Check out “Numbers Talk!” in our NetWork section. For an advanced lesson, read “Intangible Assets + Hard Numbers = Soft Finance” and learn how to be a number cruncher when all of your assets have gone squishy.

For extra credit, we’ve launched In My Humble Opinion (IMHO), a new section that features four regular columnists. Our columnists offer penetrating looks at the business of change, the digital world, the work-life connection, and the art of living dangerously.


That’s the full course. It’s a lot to read. But these are the Big Issues, and we’ve put them all into one big issue.