My Favorite Bookmarks – Denise Castellucci

Who: Producer of Voices of Adoption, a Web resource for anyone touched by adoption




Favorite Search Engine: I use them all. I’ll often open multiple browsers and run a simultaneous search on all five of the big engines.

Surfing Manifesto: Make me happy. Make me sad. Inform me. Put me in touch with the human experience.

Bastard Nation — Adoptee Rights

“The adoptee center for amusement, education, and outrage.” Six million adult adoptees, including myself, are denied their rights to their original birth certificates. This activist group fights for those rights.

You can use this site to support your favorite nonprofit group.

The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo

This site features the courageous work of the mothers and grandmothers of Argentina. These women are trying to learn what happened to their loved ones who vanished in the 1970s and the early 1980s during their country’s civil war.

The Art Bell Web Site

Art Bell’s supernatural radio show may seem weird, but it is very entertaining.

The Death Clock

Find out how long you have to live! Just enter your birth date and gender, and you’ll get your date of death.