Road Rules – Rule 11

Who: Katrina Teague (, general manager, multilingual e-support, Lionbridge Technologies
Homebase: Charlotte, North Carolina
Mileage:150,000 miles a year
Favorite Destination: Valbonne, France
Don’t Leave Home Without: Running shoes

“I work closely with people in seven countries, so if I hopped on a plane every time a problem came up, I’d do nothing but travel. That’s why I don’t like to fly without doing some legwork on the ground first. I use conference calls religiously so that face time will be productive.”

“And when I do travel, I try to accomplish as much as possible. I always plan my schedule around ‘anchor meetings’ — sessions that involve two or more colleagues or major clients. Then I schedule four or five other meetings to fill out my itinerary. Next week, I’ll spend three days in the Bay Area and in Seattle. I’ve planned one anchor meeting with a key prospect who’s close to becoming a client. I’ll also be interviewing a potential hire — that’s another anchor meeting. Then I’ll be meeting with an industry analyst, visiting with a couple of new-client prospects, and having breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings with existing clients.”

“For me, the tiring parts of a business trip are getting to the airport, sitting on a plane, and renting a car. By creating a full schedule, I hope to minimize future travel. Once I arrive somewhere, a day of meetings is just another day at work, so I make the most of that day.”