• 08.31.99

Pocket Organizer

Motorola’s PDA offers sanity to the multiple-gadgeted masses.

There’s a big problem with all those portable gadgets that are designed to streamline your life: No one has enough pockets to hold them all! Finally, Motorola has begun a long-overdue trend toward gadget consolidation. Like other PDAs, Motorola’s StarTAC Mobile Organizer stores contacts, phone numbers, and calendar information. But unlike most organizers, the StarTAC organizer can share information with the Motorola StarTAC cell-phone.


Need to make a call? Just clip the organizer to the cell-phone and select the entry from your contact database. The phone then imports the appropriate number from the organizer. Want to edit your schedule or your contact information while you’re on the phone? Just unclip the organizer and edit away.

The Motorola StarTAC Mobile Organizer sells for about $250. (The phone is sold separately.) Visit Motorola on the Web (