My Favorite Bookmarks – Troy Busot

Who: Senior designer, CelebSites




Favorite Search Engine: If Yahoo! is the godfather of search engines, then AltaVista is Sonny Corleone: It’s quick and dirty, and it gets the job done.

Surfing Manifesto: I use the Net to gather information on programming. Innovation is fast, so you need instant access to what’s new. I also use the Net to check my virtual pet.

IMDb: Internet Movie Database

If I were stranded on an island with a power source, a Net connection, and a computer, this is the site that I’d look up. It answers the question, “Who was that girl in that movie with that guy from Hawaii Five-0? You know, the one about that other guy?”

UBL, the Ultimate Band List

Answers questions that IMDb doesn’t.

Hollywood Stock Exchange

A great idea: buying and selling people! That’s the stuff wars are fought over.

Burton Snowboards (Japan Version)

What is this site talking about?


I hate to admit it, but this is an awesome news-delivery system.

Music Fan Clubs Organization: Rage Against the Machine

All you’ll ever need: news, bios, and photos related to Rage.