Picture This!

If you want to move up, you have to stand out. Two new tools in Sony’s VAIO line of PCs are essential to your multimedia future.

The VAIO C1X PictureBook is a 2.5-pound, 1.5-inch-thick micronotebook with a built-in digital camera that can take photos or capture up to 60 seconds of video. It also comes with software that lets you attach still images or video clips to email.

If you intend to use digital editing to make your work look even better, set your sights on Sony’s VAIO Digital Studio PCV-R528DS. This desktop machine (not pictured) blends top-of-the-line functionality with digital-video flexibility. Its DVgate Motion and DYgate Still software allows you to capture and edit both full-motion video and still images.

The C1X PictureBook sells for $2,299, and the Digital Studio PCV-R528DS sells for $2,199. Call Sony Corp. (888-315-7669) or visit the Web (