Use Your Head

Telephone headsets aren’t just for Time-Life operators anymore. The Solo II, one of the newest offerings in Hello Direct’s line of telephones and accessories, is the smallest and lightest headset we’ve found.

The single earpiece wraps around your ear snugly. The microphone’s quality is so good that people on the other end of the line can’t tell that you’re using a headset. And Hello Direct’s SuperPro amplifier lets you toggle between the Solo II and a handset.

Would you rather just sit back and listen? Aiwa’s new Swoops stereo headphone set sports a nifty around-the-neck design that incorporates the best aspects of traditional headphones. The Swoops rests just above the back of your collar, so it feels comfortable even when you’re reclining on a plane.

The Solo II, with SuperPro amplifier, costs $219.99. The Swoops headphone set costs $25. Visit Hello Direct Inc. or Aiwa America Inc. on the Web (;