Thirst for Wealth

Are you thirsty for signs that the global Internet craze has reached its high-water mark? Are you eager to be part of the splash that hotshot Net companies are making? Then buy a five-pack or two of their water.

HQ2O is a Web startup that sells — believe it or not — “natural spring waters from the fountains of cyberspace.” Insiders from well-known high-tech outfits — including Yahoo!, Tripod, Apple Computer, and Xerox PARC — collect water from their company’s coolers for HQ2O. Then the company bottles the water, labels it, and sells it. Five four-ounce flasks of this nectar from the techno gods go for $125. “No book, no seminar, no email address will bring you closer to the wellspring of the wealthiest companies of this millennium than HQ20,” gushes the marketing propaganda.

Sound absurd? Well, it’s authentic — sort of. Like any self-respecting Web startup, HQ2O has a founding mythology. But, in this case, that mythology is actually a myth. The mythmakers (and founders of the company) won’t reveal their actual names. Instead, they call themselves Sam Taylor and Faye Mulholland — and they’ve concocted a “we sketched it on a napkin” story about HQ2O’s creation. The reality is that real people from real companies are really supplying the water, that real people are really buying the stuff — and that all of HQ2O’s profits are really going to charity.

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