• 04.30.99

Keyboard on a Roll

This keyboard sets a storage standard.

PCs keep getting faster, smaller, and more mobile. Isn’t it time that they become more flexible too? The Smart computer keyboard, from Magnate Distribution, is just that. The keyboard is ultrathin, and its rubber casing allows users to roll up the keyboard for easy portability. A special key code turns the keyboard off so that you can roll it up without damaging its electronic innards; the same code turns the keyboard on after you unroll it. One caveat: Some PCs might not recognize the keyboard right away. So check with your PC manufacturer about compatibility.


The Smart computer keyboard starts at £69.95 (about $108.50). For more information or to order, call Magnate Distribution Ltd. (44-151-242-9505).

(Thanks to Peter Feltham, who helped with this report.)