My Favorite Bookmarks – David Seuss

Who: CEO, Northern Light
Favorite Search Engine: Northern Light (of course) — a product that I wish I’d had years ago.
Surfing Manifesto: I’m easy to amuse, and that can make the Web dangerous. I limit surfing to situations in which I need immediate, practical information.


In my spare time, I race cars, watch car racing on TV, and play car-racing games. This site has comprehensive coverage of all the big racing series.

smokescreen action network
A model of how to use the Web to achieve change through direct action.

Fight Against Smoking Team (FAST)
This site describes how my racing team uses motor sports to promote healthy, nonsmoking lifestyles.

Prominence Dot Com
A click-and-drag Web version of those Magnetic Poetry kits. A great game to play during a boring conference call.

Nua Online Relationship Management
Market-research studies on the Net.

The United States Civil War Center at Louisiana State University
I’m a Civil War buff, and this site has lots of hard-to-find data on costs and casualties of that war.