My Favorite Bookmarks – Minda Sandler

Picks from the vice president of


Who: Vice president, editorial, Inc.
Favorite Search Engines: Yahoo! ( It’s the first search engine I used — and it’s still my favorite.
Surfing Manifesto: The sites that I return to have attitude, useful services, or an elegant look — and, at best, they have all of the above!


Cinescape Online
Hollywood is driven by insider gossip and lies, and this site will help you distinguish truth from falsehood. Don’t miss the “Rumor Buster” column.

If you suspect that lies, distortions, and untold facts are lurking behind every news story, check out the “alternative” versions posted on this site.

The Smoking Gun
A collection of frequently bizarre and always interesting documents — all of them obtained from court records or Freedom of Information Act requests. Example: an excerpt from a secret 1944 manual of the Office of Strategic Services (the predecessor to the CIA).

There’s attitude galore at this haven for “girl sites that don’t fake it.”

Jane Siberry’s Sheeba Records
One of my favorite poet-singers has a quirky site that’s full of poetry, tour news, children’s stories, and lyrics.