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Free to Roam

No more missed calls at work.

The great thing about cell-phones is that you can roam the world without missing a call. Shouldn't it be just as easy to roam the halls of your office? Now it is. The stylish ClipFone 8300, from Astralink Technology, cuts the cord to your desk. Its base acts both as a wireless transmitter and as a speakerphone. Its two rechargeable handsets come with belt clips, so you can carry them down the hall or into a meeting. The ClipFone also features a handset-to-handset transfer option and a two-way-radio-like mode that lets users talk between their handsets without actually making a call. You can even use the handsets as an intercom system or as room monitors.

The ClipFone costs $169. For more information, call Astralink Technology PTE Ltd. (888-411-4878) or visit the Web (

A version of this article appeared in the April 1999 issue of Fast Company magazine.