My Favorite Bookmarks – Heather Irwin

Who: Chief creative officer, Maximag; chief proselytizer, Estronet; creative manager, NY Times Electronic Media
Favorite Search Engines: Yahoo! ( to find things quickly; Northern Light ( to do research
Surfing Manifesto: The Internet is the greatest advancement for women in at least a generation.

the remedi project
A showcase of incredible designers who are developing the future of the Web.

An ode to the folks who inspired us all to go out and do something worthwhile.

Hip Mama
Proof that being a mother doesn’t have to be boring — or apolitical.

A collection of girl sites that banded together to get the message out — and to make a few dollars in the process.

Being a mother, running two Web sites, having a full-time job, and freelancing doesn’t leave much time for socializing. With this site, I find out what I’m missing.

For those not-so-great days when you gotta vent it all.FCS