My Favorite Bookmarks – Teresa A. Martin

Who: President and CEO, Project Cool Inc.
Favorite Search Engine: If I need to find information by category, I’ll use Yahoo! ( If I’m looking for Web-building information, I’ll use devSEARCH (, a Project Cool search service.
Surfing Manifesto: The Web is like drinking water. It’s a huge reservoir, but when you’re thirsty, you can turn on the tap, and water will come out in a manageable stream.
A nice overview of breaking news — and it’s designed for the Web. One of the better online news sites around.

One more place where I, as a new mother, can go to make sure that my daughter is developing on target. I like the personalized, age-specific pages, which offer updates as my child grows.

Serveur Officiel de la Ville de Paris
Never been there. Want to go there. When I’m dreaming about travel, this is one place where I point my browser.

Press Herald Online
Serving Portland, Maine, this is one of the better online interpretations of a newspaper. I like the interesting, artsy photo that they usually run along the top of the page.