My Favorite Bookmarks – Christy Jones

Who: President and founder, Inc.

Favorite Search Engine:

Yahoo! It’s the only search engine with a community area for Austin (

Surfing Manifesto:

The Web completely reinvents interaction between companies and their customers.

Computer Reseller News
Daily access to the kind of news that I used to receive just once a week. It helps to keep me locked in on the latest happenings in the industry that pcOrder serves.

The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
Some of the world’s best reporting — now available online. (The Weather Channel)
Before I jump on a plane, I check this site for weather conditions in my destination city.
This site measures the pulse of Austin, from live music to business to politics.

The site I visit to check out snowfall for my favorite skiing areas.

94.5 The Edge
Alternative rock — via the Web!